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Lawn Supreme now offers Irrigation Repair and Termite Control.

Lawn Supreme Services

Caring For Your Home & Landscape

Lawn Fertilization Lawn Fertilization Program:
A Bi-Monthly service to include all custom blended granular time release fertilizer, Specially formulated pre and post emergent weed controls and Insecticide to help your lawn fight off chinch bugs, fire ants and most other nuisance pest on your lawn.
Tree & Shrub Care:
A specially worked out program consisting of Foliar fertilizer, Insecticide, Mitecide and Fungecide to help maintain and protect your valuable tree & shrub landscape.
Once-A-Year Fire Ant Control:
Guaranteed Fire Ant control for up to 1 year with one single application with a specially formulated granular insecticide.
Flea & Tick Control:
Custom insect control program to help control flea and tick population in and around your home. Helps give your pets relief.
Superior Residential and Commercial Lawn Care
Indoor Pest Control:
A concentrated bi-monthly service to include a one time intensive indoor and outdoor service followed by perimeter barrier treatments. As always if needed, we will return anytime to re-spray inside or out free of charge.
Commercial and Residential Lawn Care:
Lawn fertilization is our primary function although we offer lawn care services to our customers as a convenience. Our prefered partners offer top quaility lawn care services in addition to our fertilization services.